As Hanuman flies through the sky carrying Sita to safety, Ravana follows with his 10 demon heads, the sparkling Divas bring lightness to defeat darkness with their beautiful vibrant fans, in an epic and exciting stilted tale of Diwali. Our Indian Elephant can lead a parade with puppetry trunk to tap an audience’s shoulder and a golden deer encircles an audience telling the story of Ramayana.
A perfect act for parade and processions

  • Stilt or footed Ravana and Diva light characters with fabric flame fan options
  • Flying Hanuman with Sita stilt character. Or footed puppet with Sita puppeteer
  • Ideal for parades, workshops and interactive performance
  • Perfect with our Asian elephant and Golden Goddess

Appearing as part of Diwali celebrations in Leicester City Centre, BBC radio Leicester and New Walk Lantern Procession.