Go wild and have audiences roaring with laughter or dancing with joy with our wonderful animal acts. Be it a Safari explorer Sir Cedrick and his baboon Baboo, with their comical interactive cheeky chuckles, our troupe of very bendy and energetic lemurs, bright and bold stilted puppetry Indian Elephants, fantastic fun Francesca the fox, terrific painted tiger Trevor or beautiful stilted and sometimes singing birds of paradise! Incredible interactive family experiences able to immerse themselves in all environments, great fun laden with interesting animal facts and fantastical safari stories.

  • A large scale stilted performer Elephant Puppet
  • Stilted peacock, tropical and two flamingo birds (also available on foot)
  • 3 contortion, handbalance or ariel Lemurs
  • Fun comical fox, baboon and explorer characters
  • Body painted tiger character
  • 3 stilted ‘four leg’ giraffes

Our animals have appeared at London Zoo, Whipsnade Zoo, Curve Twits, London New Years Eve and private events, Leicester City Champions League, An Indian Summer 2015-2017, City Festival and Milon Keynes Chrtismas Day Party.