What types of show and experience do we offer?
From drop in sensory spaces, workshops and immersive experiences right up to interactive indoor and outdoor performances, we make shows that mix comedy, clowning, puppetry and education for all the family.
Where do we do this?
Pretty much anywhere! We are open to all kinds of spaces of all kinds of sizes, take a look at some of our past locations here…
Who is this for?
We love making work for family audiences, but can hone our comedic and production skills for specific educational, heritage and children’s shows.
How to book?
For fans of Edem, keep track on where we are popping up on our whats on page or by subscribing to our newsletter. For tailoring to your event or venue, drop us an email, we’ll happily see what bit of Edem will work best for you!

Shows in development

Wondering what we are working on?
Drop us an email to see what the next few years look like for our in house productions or to enquire into commissioning your own show! You can follow progress of our latest productions and be the first to know when we are scratching work by subscribing to our lovely little newsletter!

For programming please get in touch for full production packs.

New for 2020

There is a universal language, and baby, that’s the Bower of Love…

Blasting out onto the streets, it’s no longer just a night out at the theatre but a full Kareoke paradise love island appearing outside the local chippy, Bird Paradise that is!

The Bower of Love is a bonkers, bright and hilarious show that takes a look at dating through the eyes of love birds, penguins, and even some pigeons! Bringing us all together on a disco dancefloor, it’s simply the nest as we get crazy in laughter and the Bower of love!

bower of love promotional picture with logo

Touring Shows

We have seasonal shows for both indoor and outdoor venues, festivals and events, you can find out whatson or book a show yourself by contacting us on [email protected] where we can discuss what you need and when!

  • Daytime Installations that flow into evening performance. Fully protected from the elements and suitable for all ages
  • Multiple Plankton of human scale
  • Touch responsive, interactive and sensory experience
  • Soundscape with interwoven messages in a Blue Planet style.

‘Plankton’ looks to highlight our human relationship to the microscopic world, enlarging this essential element of the eco-system and bringing the story of this unseen world to light.

The diverse beauty of Plankton will be created through a reactive sound and light experience. A sensory and tactile performance, with musical score and environmental messages woven throughout the narrative.

  • Highly visual family show with puppetry and live music suitable for all the family
  • Outdoor and indoor show with mic’d cast
  • 45 minute family show
  • Features live music, singing and puppetry
  • Drop in workshops available
  • Dusk low light version available

A heart warming adventure story about Phillipe, a boy full of curiosity and imagination, and his fun loving grandfather William, who transforms himself into the ‘Candle Man’ during this fantastical tale. After an unfortunate event a media buzz takes hold and unwanted attention attracts a suspicious woman, will they escape her greedy claws?

Experience the story unfolding in a spectacular visual feast, with live music and fantastic family fun. Un Dia is a bonkers, bright and beautiful family puppetry show that looks at questions of time and value, join Enter Edem as they take you on a journey with these unlikely heroes to see what could happen in ‘one day!’

“It’s just a really really lovely story. A beautiful journey that you carry the audience on. The transformations throughout are delightful and seeing how the children responded  and being implicated into the story was fantastic… it felt like the story was not just the companies but the audiences as well and that is a really fantastic thing.”

. Suitable for audiences of up to 70 (including parents) depending on venue size

. 45 minute show and play space

. Features storytelling, puppetry and live music

. Drop in craft workshops and sensory space available

. Adaptable seasonal set

Fafunia is series of sensory interactive puppetry shows and seasonal educational play spaces based in a magical world of imagination and fairies!Led by a musical cast in a beautiful immersive set, these 45 minute experiences allow time for children to create and explore, alongside enjoying a theatre show that will take you on adventures to learn about seasons, become part of stories and have heaps of fun!Inspired by Icelandic Folk-lore and fairy stories the shows have been developed with partner The New Factory and have performed at International Play Iceland, Child first nurseries, Curve and seasonally with Attenborough Arts Centre. View dates.

This children’s experience works both indoor and outdoor for varied venue sizes and is suitable for 4-13 years or early years with parental guidance. Please do let us know if you’d like to find out more about how Fafunia can come to visit you!

Sunny Stories

The sun has got his hat on and you will too! Come explore and play with fairies and frogs in a magical land of rainbows! An interactive puppetry and storytelling experience based in ‘Fafunia!’

Snoozy Stories

As the Great Oak goes to sleep and the autumn brings in all kinds of magical changes, come explore and play in this forest of fairies! An interactive puppetry and storytelling experience based in ‘Fafunia!’

Snowy Stories

A snowy sensory world, come explore and play in a winter wonderland! Meet Jack and his frosty friends. Sing, dance and be merry in a magical land of snowflakes and stars! An interactive puppetry and storytelling experience based in ‘Fafunia!’

Fafunia Seasonal

Perfect as a drop in puppetry play and sensory experience alone, Fafunia can pop up indoors or outdoors for lovely interactions from the fairy characters of this magical land!

“Our 3rd trip to Fafunia and our daughter (aged 4 now) loves it. At home Daddy is a ‘Fafunian Ant’ giving ant rides on his back. Brilliant!”


“Absolutely wonderful, wide age group of children, but all equally captivated and involved. It was inspiring and encouraged the children to use their imagination. Thank you so much.”


“We love coming to Fafunia. It’s a real sensory delight where the children and adults can allow their imagination to run riot. Thank you.”

. Suitable for audiences of up to 25 per performance or larger audiences with amplification

. 15 minute show, repeatable for up to 6 groups

. Features educational mental health history and comedy

. ‘Victorian waiting room’ interactive activity alongside show times

. Pop up 6x6m Victorian Doctors surgery set

Take a step back into the peculiar past, enter the Victorian Era to meet the Doctor, Matron and nurse for a side splitting show exploring the historical diagnosis and treatments for Mental Health. 

Be astounded by the practices of yesteryear as the Doctor will educate you on his “genius” work within the Asylum and “forward thinking” strategies. You will soon be rolling your eyes with the Matron as absurd opinions and factual fights commence. Laugh and sigh with disbelief – and relief that mental health care has come so far! So come along and learn the perplexing process of cold water hydrotherapy, Phrenology and the dreaded Lobotomy in this crazy history lesson with a twist.

Suitable for indoor venues, this 20 minute outdoor production was commissioned by University of Leicester and has performed at the University of Leicester, as part of the NHS 70th anniversary and at Victoria Park. Available for booking from May 2019 it will be back on the road with some spiffing new additions!

“Engaging, quirky enlightening. Highly educational and illuminating. Funny and believable. Actually it was just amazing to think how far we’ve come in medical science and how unusual Victorian understanding of the human mind was. When things are true they can be even more hilarious!”
Dad of 3
Exhale experience

. Suitable for any age

. Offers immersive art and theatre sensory installations

. Interactive with durational performances and open drop in entry

. Available in varying cast and installation size to suit location and event

When immersive theatre meets chillout zone, you have Exhale. Come into this beautiful UV experience, to explore, enlighten and de-stress. As a sensory space you are free to join in with a range of interactive artworks and performances such as yoga, movement and circus flow arts or sit back, relax and simply watch the magic unfold.

Perfect for all kinds of spaces, ideally in very low light so we can bring the black light magic, this drop in can work in shorter booked sessions or as an ongoing take over where audiences can wander through at their own leisure.

This incredible durational experience has been developed at Attenborough Arts Centre, on the wards at St Andrews Health Care, Northampton and at FEAST festival in Malvern Cube as a sensory family zone.

This is how life should be… always, everywhere!”
“I’m changed, you’ve created a new world. I could not have asked for more.”
“Magic. Thank you”

Pop up Shows

. Small pop up 2.5 x 2.5m self contained set

. 3 cast production as ‘puppets’ with beachside props

. Interactive panto-like performance

. 15 minute performances, repeatable for up to 6 shows per day

Mr Punch and his “beautiful” wife Judy like you’ve never seen before! A play on this traditional beach side attraction, the Puppet-People 15 minute pop up is hysterical, very silly and has audiences of all ages screaming out “it’s behind you!”
Created for City Festival Leicester and performed at Leicester Heritage Park events, this small and ridiculously hilarious show is great fun for all ages and available to book June-September 2019.

. Small pop up tree set

. Variable cast size and characters

. Interactive puppetry and storytelling

. 15 minute performances, repeatable for up to 6 shows per day

Traditional fairy tales with a twist! Our Magical Story Tree is a lovely puppetry experience, with short stories interwoven with interactive performance, this children’s show is fun, fantastical and full of iconic characters from literature and fables.
Developed for International Fairy Tea Party at Child first nurseries, this lovely pop up has appeared at Leicester Council and County Council parks and sites. Available to book all year round, indoor or outdoor, our fairy tale tree isn’t fussy where it’s planted!

Previous Shows

We’ve been commissioned to do some pretty wonderful productions, from London Zoo to Welford Road Cemetery, we’ve enjoyed creating laugher and intrigue, alongside being proudly supported by Arts Council England, Curve and Attenborough Arts Centre to create productions such as Origins. If you’re interested in getting them back on the road or if you are itching to see your own version specifically for your site, do get in touch.

Previous show origins


A family theatre spectacle show for indoor and outdoors, supported by Arts Council England

View trailer

Enter the Safari show

Enter the Safari

An interactive family show commissioned by ZSL London Zoo and Whipsnade for their summer season 2016-2017.

View trailer

Welford Road Cemetery pagaent

Welford Road Pageant

Commissioned by Leicester Heritage Parks this production delved into the stories of this historical site on behalf of the Friends of Welford Road Cemetery.

tao tales Outdoor show

Tao Tales

An outdoor arts show for the whole family. Supported by Arts Council England.
“Excellent. Didn’t expect my 8 year old to sit for the whole thing but he loved it.”

Haunted Heritage

Haunted Heritage was an opportunity for people between the ages of 14-15 to be a part of a creative team and process for some spooky Halloween tours! Weekly workshops ran from the 6th of September through to the 25th of October were held at the Welford Road Cemetery visitors centre, exploring and researching the residents of Welford Road Cemetery and bringing their stories to life!

The workshops finished with the Haunted Heritage Tours! Three ghastly nights where the cemetery is bought to life with ghouls, ghosts and stories from the beyond.

This project has been supported by the The Y Charity As part of the Y Heritage fund and the National Lottery Heritage Fund. We would like to say a big thank you for their support as well as the Lottery players for making this community heritage event happen!