Stripey Circus

Round up! Round up! The circus has come to town and what a cast we have for you to meet. Felicity Stripes! The Ring Master and maestro of the Stripy Circus will introduce you to her Greatest Show. From Sir Edmund Silver and his 2 tonne dumbbell will be sure to make the ladies and men swoon. Pierre the mime, silent but silly with plenty of juggling to entertain to crowd! The Great Wildrado with his up close magic will be sure to astound. Lady Lucy and her luscious locks will stir up beard envy as she struts about and White Diamond will dazzle you with her hula-hooping and acrobatic skills! So come along to the most monochromatic Circus in town, you won’t believe your eyes!

  • Circus themed walkabout act
  • Up to 6 performers with individual characters to audiences to interact with.
  • Stilts optional for Lady Lucy, Felicity Stripes and Sir Edmund Silver creating varied heights and visual spectacles