Enter Edem about


Enter Edem are a collective of multi-skilled artists, who have joined Emma Fay’s unique conceptual circus. We tell stories of the human experience, philosophy and the fantastically abstract through lively, astonishing, visual theatrics.

No ideas are untouchable or unobtainable as we use and manipulate the human canvas for expression. We look at life through a lens that makes our shared world captivating and thrilling. Our creative team passionately and obsessively craft through innovation, with specialist attention to detail, producing bespoke and touring work.

Through our innovative approach combining entertainment with enlightening stories and ideas, we explore culture and imagination by using art liberally in all of its forms. The experiences and installations created are unconventional, thrilling and ultimately inspiring.

Enter Edem was formed to inspire the pursuit of passion. We are not easily defined but our vision becomes clear when you ‘Enter Edem’.


Our mission is to transform perspectives through collaborative production and the shared experience of theatre, media and art. We strive to promote a more creatively-geared and inclusive society through immersive storytelling that explores different cultures, mindsets and philosophical ideas.

Enter Edem will achieve this mission by:

    • Providing a diverse calendar of original theatrical arts experiences of the highest possible quality
    • Maintaining our grass root commitment to foster innovation and multi-disciplinary collaboration in our artistic development,
    • Ensuring our productions are accessible and inclusive across a diverse platform of indoor, outdoor and media-based stages,
    • Championing education and participation in the arts through youth, community and cross-cultural engagement.

Artistic Team

Emma Fay

Artistic Director

James Kerr

Design Manager and Performer

Philip Kingsley-Elton

Theatrical Director and Performer

Charlotte Parker

Wardrobe Manager and Performer 

Georgina Elsom

Research Manager and Performer

Charlotte Jarvis Enter Edem team member

Charlotte Jarvis

Project Assistant

Contact us

Douglas Deans


  • Musician
  • Writer
  • Voice actor

Anthony Morgan

Writer and Actor

  • Comedy writer
  • Actor
  • Dame


Harry Head

Workshop lead and Performer

  • Set Construction
  • Actor