Our international, cross-cultural art and theatre appears and surprises on streets, in galleries, theatres and unlikely locations, bringing life to a plethora of spaces. Our promotional media, productions or multi-skilled acts entice anyone coming into our world to be engaged, engrossed and enthralled with the experience from the moment they Enter Edem.

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Email  hello@enteredem.co.uk

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Upcoming shows and events

Crystal Clear

13th May

Crystal Clear is a sensory experience using live visual art and play brought to you by Enter Edem Productions.

Inspired by the work of Bjork and her song ‘Crystalline’, the immersive space of Crystal Clear guides you through a range of stimulus, offering ways to help you relax and enjoy the moment.

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Enter Edem Showreels and Portfolio

Enter Edem have a Leicester based studio for devising, rehearsing and creating all of our work. The studio is fully fitted for photography and film and is available for hire.

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